JLH Company is a Glen Allen, VA, based Security Clearance Consulting Company (Veteran-Owned Small Business, registered with VetBiz.gov + a member of REDI, Rockville Economic Development, Inc.) that assists individuals (including Federal employees, Military members, Government contractors, applicants and others) who are interested in the Security Clearance process and Public Trust Positions.

Often times, securing a job is contingent upon getting a Security Clearance.  It cannot be overstressed how important this process is. Incorrectly filling out the required paperwork or even making so-called "insignificant" mistakes can end up delaying the process or result in a Security Clearance being denied.

If a person has already been denied a Security Clearance they should seek the services of a competent attorney who specializes in Security Clearance law and the Security Clearance appeals process.

JLH is owned and operated by Jim Hennessey

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