Getting Started

It only takes a few minutes to begin our consultation.

  1. Read the Contract Agreement on my website at, sign and date.
  2. Scan and email it back to me at
  3. Click on Request for Service, make a 1-hour deposit for either online or an in-person consult.

Anything related to our consultation is private, confidential and stays between the client & myself.

I offer both online & in-person consultation (online consult fee is about half the in-person fee), whatever the client chooses. I understand that going through a federal background investigation (for any level) is not a lot of fun. It can be intrusive, confusing, scary and such, but it is a requirement for certain positions.

I am here to assist in any way I can, answer any questions, concerns and provide guidance through this entire 3-part process (The Application, The Background Investigation, and The Adjudication).

Online consulting is email & telephone, some clients prefer only email (send/reply), some prefer telephone only, some prefer a mix, and many clients prefer emailing (send/reply) because they can refer back to the information (Q & A’s) as needed. It is up to the client.

Also, clients may wish to have a conversation and give me ideas on what they would like to focus on during their consult. I encourage folks to jot down anything they wish to talk about. From there, the client and I typically email one another back and forth with whatever concerns, questions, etc, they have. At anytime, if a client wishes to talk, one-on-one, we will.

Most consultations last from 1 to 3 hours, some have been more, it depends on the client. There are no unimportant questions. It is good you are being pro-active in this process. 

Please clarify what level of security clearance (Confidential, Secret, Top Secret) is required (SF-86) or for a Public Trust Position, is it Moderate or High level (SF-85P) or for a for a Non-Sensitive Position (SF-85).

Please include a little (very general, nothing specific) information about yourself & your situation (approximate age, US or born outside the US, occupation, prior clearances, married, geographical area residing, etc) but, only information that you feel comfortable telling me. The more I know the bigger picture I can see. Please include any issues (be specific as possible) and any concerns that you have.

I look forward to making sure your security clearance or Public Trust Position experience goes as smooth and quickly as possible. Look forward to assisting you.

Jim Hennessey
Federal Background Investigator (Ret.)
Security Clearance Consultant
Glen Allen, VA