Obtaining a Security Clearance can be time-consuming, intimidating and confusing.  Going through the process is the worst time to second-guess answers, provide unnecessary information, leave out information that could mitigate issues, or provide sloppy, useless or incorrect answers.
It is the best time to provide information that will help ensure your Security Clearance application is fully understood, clear, complete, and (if necessary) explained.
This is the time to be proactive.
As a 25 year career field agent I can attest that Security Clearance applications that were fully and correctly filled out were the first to be processed. Security Clearance applications that were sloppy, incomplete and lacked initial required information could be put aside to be worked later or sent back to the applicant.
My services include:
  • Clients will receive personal, one-on-one, in-person, on-site consultation or Online Consultation (at lower rate).
  • Both in-person and online consulting Clients will receive (free) follow-up online service.
  • Clients are assured complete privacy and will be treated with utmost respect and dignity.
  • Will provide information on the whole Security Clearance process, answer any concerns, cover any potential issues and answer all related questions.
  • Will meet with the Client at a mutually agreed-to location of their choosing in the Washington D.C. metro area.
  • Will assist in answering questions on filling out the Security Clearance applications.
  • Will explain the Federal Background Investigative process related to the Security Clearance.
  • Will review any related Security Clearance documentation and applications that Client wishes.
  • Active duty Military Personnel, Military Veterans and First Responders receive a 20% discount for a consultation.


The Security Clearance instructions (as provided in the forms) may be difficult to interpret and completely understand. Sometimes it is to your advantage to provide more information to questions asked in the security forms than are required. However, at other times it is best to furnish only the information requested.

Most people go through the initial Security Clearance process once in a lifetime. One should take a little extra time and effort to deal with that process as accurately, honestly and completely as they can.

There is no “short-tracking” the Security Clearance process, no short-cuts, no cheating, no beating or “getting-over the Security Clearance process.  Attempts to do so are a sure way to getting a Security Clearance denied.

My service is for those who wish to be proactive in their Security Clearance process, to help themselves, to understand the Security Clearance process, the Federal Background Investigative (BI) process, and to assist them in obtaining their Security Clearances as quickly as possible. You can help speed your application along; you can help yourself understand what information is really required and, if any issues are present, how to present that information on the applications and to the Background Investigators so as to best mitigate any issues.

Adjudicators (they decide if a Security Clearance is granted or denied) use the reports from field investigators in helping them make a Security Clearance determination. Knowing how to present yourself in your Security Clearance applications and in providing correct, honest, pertinent and, if necessary, mitigating information in interviews with Investigators could be to your advantage in the Security Clearance process.